Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Asian Food Dutch Style

As you would expect for Tai-Pan of the Noble House, born and raised in Hong Kong, Asian food is something I am very particular about (unlike that uncultured Gornt). Being used to only the finest from the best restaurants and chefs in HK, you would think it very surprising if I found the Asian food here in the Netherlands up to scratch. And you'd be right. This Japanese establishment, ironically run by compatriots rather than the real McYamamoto, is a good example of how to use garlic as the main ingredient of every dish. By main, I mean at least 60%. For this reason, the Noble House will be buying into Dutch garlic farms.

Lay Ho Tai-Pan, err, I mean irasshaimasu!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

You call this weather?

In Hong Kong we have real storms; they bring down buildings, cause landslides and bury our friends and colleagues under tonnes of rubble and water. Here, 'bad weather' is a persistent drizzle and a bit of a breeze. Still, it's got HK beaten on the low temperature front, and to this end, the Noble House is buying into Dutch heating oil.


Real rain