Monday, 26 April 2010

The Noble House sets the trend

As Tai-Pan of the Noble House, I made the decision to relocate our HQ to Europe nearly two years ago. Since then the wisdom of my decision has been vindicated by the situation back East; rising pollution, high speed railway related demolition and the like have made business in HK less and less profitable. Discussing the matter with fellow Tai-Pan and Entrepreneur Eustachian Tsang over a bottle of '84 DP on the deck of the Flying Cloud moored off St-Tropez this weekend, it seems other firms are now thinking of following suit. Not that I can blame him with conditions developing there as they are. I would welcome my old sparring partner to the shores of Europe; there's just not the competition here and no-one understands Hong Kong Rules.

I raised a toast with Tsang to the introduction of some decent competition in Europe, and as the sun beat down onto the clear blue waters (no plastic flotsam here, note), I really did not miss the throngs of mainland tourists that were not on the beach.