Sunday, 8 February 2009

Struan's Cola - Hong Kong's safe Cola

The Noble House, as everyone knows, is the purveyor of Hong Kong's finest soft beverage - Stag Cola: The cool of the Highlands in the heat of the tropics.

As the Tai-Pan of the Noble House, particularly when it comes to our products, the safety and health of Hong Kong is a great concern of mine. I am particularly worried that Gornt is pressing ahead with the release of 'ExtraJoss - Active', after the scandal that arose during its recent trial period in the Philippines.

It turned out that the factory Gornt bought to make this product used to be a pesticide factory. Subsequently, the 'ExtraJoss - Active' was tainted with abamectin, chlorthiophos and kasugamycin. As their marketing gimmick inside the ring-pull would say: Bad Joss.

Not only has Gornt gone ahead with ExtraJoss regular here in Hong Kong, but the source is still the same. Can he guarantee the safety of this product? He has so far avoided any comment on this product, and ExtraJoss - Active is not even listed on the Rothwell-Gornt website.

Citizens of Hong Kong - if you want to stay safe, drink Struan's Stag Cola.

The Tai-Pan