Saturday, 8 August 2009

Tai-Pan Conference Geneva Follow-Up

This month's Tai-Pan conference in Geneva saw The Noble House again flying in the face of the global recession and secure further business deals and interests which will garner profit admirably.

On the final day, business finished, the assembled Tai-Pans and European businessmen left the Beau-Rivage for some fillets de perche and Chasselais. When we arrived at the restaurant and were seated, however, we noticed that one of our number was missing. No prizes for guessing whom - our esteemed friend Mr. Quillan Gornt. Dinner continued without our companion, and our party decided to take a stroll along the waterfront where the Fetes de Geneve were taking place. And whom should we see there, you may enquire, but M. Gornt. He had seemingly monopolised an entire funfair dodgems ride and populated it with scantily clad young ladies of all varieties. He was screaming around the track, alternately swigging from a bottle of inferior champagne and shouting 'Vive la rue de Berne!' at the top of his voice, while ploughing into these poor girls in their cars. His extra mass left them little hope of a gentle nudge, but sent them flying and whirling at each contact. An amusing spectacle, but mildly embarrassing for Hong Kong's reputation in international business circles.