Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Tai-Pan's Return

Dear Shareholders,

this past month's trip back home to Hong Kong for the AGM and Asian leg of the Tai-Pan Summit in Hanoi was, I am glad to report, despite swine flu, a great success for The Noble House. New friendships and ventures were struck and old ties reaffirmed, all of which are critical to our prosperity and future.

It has, however, reinforced the remoteness of my current situation to our roots in Hong Kong. For the time being, it is absolutely essential that I remain here in the low countries to lead our European business operations, but I will endeavour to return as soon as feasibly possible to re-assume my seat in the Great House and office in the Struan's building.

There is of course nulli secondis in oriente to The Noble House of Asia, nor to Hong Kong, and although a global firm, our futures are inextricably intertwined.

I wish you all the bet of joss.

The Tai-Pan of the Noble House


Quillan Gornt said...

Shameless spin, Tai-pan - and your shareholders know it!

Tai-Pan said...

At least I still have shareholders, Gornt. I couldn't help noticing a heavy sale of RG stock yesterday.